How to portion feed for sows to ensure their welfare? Learn about Fetura CLOUD and automatic sow feeders!

Proper sow feeding is the key to making your pig farm yield profits. Animals which are given a proper amount of food have no problem feeding their offspring. As a result, piglets develop better and reach the weaning weight sooner.

Feeding sows is a difficult, demanding task. Up until recently, every sow had to have a special paper card that contained the data used to prepare her diet. Nowadays, however, feeding takes a completely different form. Every modern farm uses automatic sow feeding systems.

The Fetura CLOUD app and devices that are compatible with it allow breeders to adopt a much more advanced farm management system. An individual approach towards sow feeding that considers their special needs increases sows’ milk yield and makes it possible to wean piglets sooner. It’s the kind of technology your farm needs in order to increase its profits, and it revolves around implementing functional sow feeders.

What is proper sow feeding about?

A sow should be on a special diet depending on whether it’s pregnant, lactating, or is soon to be inseminated. Feeding sows by hand is not as precise as automatic sow feeding. Using a system that includes an advanced, functional program and modern devices allows you to minimise the risk of human errors so that your animals always receive exactly the amount of feed they need.

Lactating sows, pregnant sows, and sows in their first pregnancy should be fed according to strict rules. A breeder or a farm’s personnel may be in charge of the sows’ diet, but using an automatic system is a true game changer. It’s highly beneficial to any farm as it makes management and supervision much easier.

Automatic sow feeding – how does it work?

It’s easy to make a mistake when you’re feeding livestock by hand. You may give a portion that’s too small or too large for a given sow’s needs. Another challenge is feeding sows that are kept in a group pen.

Automatic sow feeders that dispense the appropriate amount of feed were created to solve such problems. How do they work?

  • NUTRI GROUP sow feeders

This device is used in group pens where sows are identified by their RFID ear tags. Once the animal enters the self-locking crate, the data is obtained from its ear tag and, based on that, the appropriate amount of feed is released;

  • NUTRI ONE sow feeders

This device dispenses feed at specific hours. Feeding starts with an initial dose. Then, the sow moves a trigger that dispenses another portion of feed. That way, the animal eats as much as it wants.

Automatic sow feeding system – why is it a technology worth having?

Individual sow feeding system is the first step towards livestock welfare and increasing your farm’s profits. Our sow feeders and functional app allow you to:

  • keep your livestock in an optimal shape

Individual feeding of lactating sows and sows awaiting insemination increases their milk yield and prolongs their productive lifetime, which leads into greater profits. Piglets are better nourished and there’s a higher chance of successful sow insemination – largely due to the sows’ well-being;

  • automate farm management

Since the sow feeders are maintenance-free, employees and breeders are no longer burdened with feeding livestock. And you can always check how much your sows ate in the Fetura CLOUD app.

Fetura CLOUD and sow feeders – a recipe for the well-being of your livestock and the profitability of your farm

With this modern, self-operating sow feeders at your farm, you don’t need to worry about feed waste. Animals eat as much as they need and as much as is recommended in their diet. That’s yet another reason for implementing this automatic system at your farm.

You’re the one who decides how much feed your sows receive and the one that has an impact on your farm’s profitability. Choose our automatic feeding system and boost your profits!