Selection stations

Three-way Fetura Selection Station with the automatic sorting of animals according to their weight. It is recommended to use a Selection Station in finishing pig farms with big group pens up to 400 pieces. The station provides a farmer a precise information about the number of pigs in the particular weight, the number and frequency of passing through the station and a daily mass increase.

Those data enable a precise planning of expedition and sale time. A constant control of a herd enables to detect potential feeding mistakes, the early stage of disease and bad quality of feed. Animals passing through the selection station can be forwarded in three directions: left and right exits to the feeding zones or the middle-expedition exit used during the sale or separation of the chosen animals.


Three-way Fetura Selection Station with the weighting basket hanged on strain gauge, each time makes the measurement of pig’s weight while it comes from a resting zone to the feeding zone. Animal’s weight measurement lasts 5 seconds. Depending on the weight, animals are directed to a proper feeding zone (number 1 or 2) with different kinds of feed, so called finisher and grower. Finishing pigs’expedition is made by the middle exit directly to passageway.

Automatic selection of pigs by the Station reduces labour costs and reduces animal’s stress level. Fetura Selection Station is equipped with three exit gates. From the feeding zones there are from two up to four one-way gates that enable animals the passage from the feeding zone to the resting and drinking area.

Fetura Selection Station in its extended version has Fetura Thermoeye, an innovative system for temperature measurement. Fetura Thermoeye detects abnormal temperature in animals as well as it systematically sends information about a detected temperature deviation simultaneously marking the animal with paint. Detecting a disease in its early stage enables a quicker reaction and prevents from spreading a disease. Thus, it reduces the costs of stock treatment.

Computer system installed in the Station generates reports about frequency of animals’ visits in a feeding sector, animals’ weight distribution, weight increase and additionally after fitting the module RFID, it gives the possibility of animal’s identification and provides information about every animal in a pen. Thus, a farmer can precisely plan animals’ transport in a particular weight section. Reports and statistics are available in the account in cloud Fetura Cloud.